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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have modified DIYDodecad calculator v2.0 for my BGA project (MDLP). If you want to analyze your genotype using allelic frequencies, estimated from the latest K=7 Admixture run, you should download file (File -> Download original) and extract its contents to the directory of DIYDodecad. 
Then launch the MDLP add-on by entering the command DIYDodecadWin MDLP.par

You can download MDLP add-on for DIYDodecad calculator here.


  1. how much can i rely on the result if none of my grandparents are from the region, but south of belarus by about 400-500 km. i got about 40% baltic on eurogenes and on your k=7 run i got about 30% balto-slavic and 25% celto-germanic in addition to some 11% north-atlantic & stuff. thanks

  2. I believe that the results are reliable for the most individuals with North-Western European ancestry