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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New add-on tool to MDLP World-22 calculator

Alex_Axe from Molgen forum announced the release of a new tool Oracle_AdMix4.
Basically, you can think of this tool as an useful add-on that extends the Oracle two-population results into four-population format.

Currently the tool support only DOS/Windows platform, and its usage is quite straightforward. The current distribution of  Oracle_AdMix4 includes the required file (data.txt) with the frequencies of 22 components in each of reference populations. The second file - input.txt - is the one you need to modify in order to use the tool on your own World-22 calculator results:

30     {Quantity of output results}
1,5    {Threshold of components to ignore noise} 
0,5    {Threshold of method to ignore noise}
2      {Power parameter for weighted method or zero for least-squares method}   
0      Pygmy
15     West-Asian
0      North-European-Mesolithic
0      Indo-Tibetan
0      Mesoamerican
0      Arctic-Amerind
0      South-America_Amerind
5      Indian
0      North-Siberean
25     Atlantic_Mediterranean_Neolithic
5      Samoedic
0      Indo-Iranian
0      East-Siberean
40     North-East-European
0      South-African
0      North-Amerind
0      Sub-Saharian
0      East-South-Asian
10     Near_East
0      Melanesian
0      Paleo-Siberian
0      Austronesian

All you need to do is to change the default values of components with your own results of World-22 calculator.

The output should appear in the following format:

1 Mordovian+Russian_South+Swedish+Swedish @ 20,749639
2 Estonian+Mordovian+Swedish+Swedish @ 23,267935
3 Finnish-North+Mordovian+Polish+Swedish @ 23,656645
4 Finnish-North+Mordovian+Russian_South+Swedish @ 23,83736
5 Estonian+Finnish-South+Mordovian+Swedish @ 24,192354
6 Mordovian+Polish+Swedish+Swedish @ 24,846391
7 Estonian+German-North+Mordovian+Swedish @ 25,176036
8 Lithuanian+Mordovian+Swedish+Swedish @ 25,511204
9 Finnish-North+Lithuanian+Mordovian+Swedish @ 25,523722
10 Finnish-South+Lithuanian_V+Mordovian+Swedish @ 25,539837


  1. It works! Thank you very much.

  2. Oh, and comma (,) must be used instead of dot (.), otherwise the program falls down.

  3. Crashes for me even using comma. Windows 7 x64

  4. This is still an alpha version. I am working to improve the program and add some features.
    If the program does not work even using commas in input.txt, then you should try the other hand: replace all the commas with the dots in the files data.txt and input.txt
    Sometimes it helps.

  5. Hi thanks for making this. Will there be a 64 bit version?

  6. 097 Version:
    However, the previous was not final. :)))

    2 Jeremy Knowles: probably not (at least not so soon)

    Also, now it's available on

  7. Hello, how I'd like to know if you accept new members? What ethnic make-up? (I'm mixed)

  8. Very interesting. Do you have a graph showing the different proportions among population groups/nationalities?

  9. what is meaning of ENF in Population?

  10. what is meaning of ENF in Population?

  11. What do the numbers with the @ symbol in front of them mean?