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Friday, July 1, 2011

A close-up on "the core" of the MDL project

The PCA and MDS plots fleshed out very stable clusters of what appears to be the core of the MDLP projects. I would label these clusters after major population groups constituning a core set of the project's populations.

1) "Russian" cluster: V164, V163, V207
2) The intermediate cluster of admixed eastern Slavs (russians+belarussians, ukrainians+russians etc.,): V219, V165, V186, V187, V161, V189, V185, V201, V202, V205, V215, V196
3) "Belarussian" cluster: V188, V158,V157,V174
4)  The intermediate cluster of  Belarussian-admixed Lithuanians and vice versa: V162, V214, V210, V220
5) "Lithuanian" cluster: V191, V192,V184, V211, V216, V183, V190, V218, V170
6) "Polish" cluster:  V169, V205, V160, V208, V180, V187, V181, V176, V177

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